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Climbing Mt. Nemo

I love walking out in nature. I would take a walk on the trail any day over a walk through the park or in the mall. When I’m out in nature I feel so peaceful. I can contemplate, and meditate.

I love discovering and walking on the trails. I call them nature’s gym. I can get a great cardio workout. I can work my hamstrings, quads,  calves, and glutes to name a few. Who needs a gym?? I’ve always wanted to climb Mt Nemo. Its one of the many trails in the Hamilton/Burlington area.

From the 403 exit on Walkers Line in Burlington. Head North on Walkers Line until you get to No 2 Sideroad. Park on the side of the road near the quaint little cemetery. Directly across from the parking lot is the entrance to a side trail that connects to the Bruce trail, or take the Bruce trail entrance across from the parking lot a little to your left.

Continue on the Bruce trail. The climb up the escarpment is challenging. Wear sturdy shoes cause it’s gets rough climbing over rocks and boulders. I continued up the escarpment until I got to a little wooden ladder. The climb not only gave me a great cardio workout but also a thrill of adventure.

I got to the top and felt a sense of accomplishment. I continued along the Bruce trail to my right walking along packed earth and over limestone rocks. Mount Nemo has lots of caves to explore for those of you who don’t like heights. I’m claustrophobic so I won’t be exploring caves, lol.

The view atop the escarpment is second to none. I could see as far as the CN Tower in Toronto, all of Burlington, Mississauga etc. Looking down on the trees the array of resplendent fall colours of red, yellow, orange; absolutely beautiful. There are lots of rocks,  small hills, caves and although I’m afraid of heights, I did venture to the edge of the cliff a few times. It was exhilarating to say the least.

I continued my walk along the escarpment edge until I got to the signage for the South Loop, there I saw others including families with young children walking the loop. There’s the North loop as well, each loop about 1.5km.

I stopped at the Brock Harris lookout, I could see for miles and miles; a good binoculars is a must. From the lookout I ventured left and continued along a side trail that leads to the main loop. I took a wrong turn to my left and ended up in the old quarry. It’s really something. I got scared a little but soon climbed my way back out, took the trail to my right, got back on the main trail then headed back down the escarpment.  This walk took me 3 hours give or take with stops for pictures and just to admire God’s creative handiwork. Happy hiking!

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