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Dundas Peak

Sydenham Falls/Tews Falls/Dundas Peak

It was purely by accident that I discovered this trail. I was searching the net for waterfalls in Hamilton when I came across Sydenham Falls. I read a small review on it and decided to check it out. I have been procrastinating for a while about this hike, but finally decided to do it. So, on Oct 18th, 2016 I set out to explore this uncharted course.

Take the 403 exit on Rousseaux Street. Continue on Mohawk Rd which changes into Rousseaux St. Turn right on Wilson St E. Continue on Wilson St E onto Main St W. Turn left on Osler Dr which changes into Main St. Turn left on King St W, and right on Sydenham St. Continue on Sydenham St, and just before the ascent, turn left unto Livingstone Dr. Park in front of Cascades Park.

I started walking through and to the rear of the park. After walking through an opening in the chain link fence I saw a small wooden bridge. The trail is marked with blue blazes. Do not take the trail over this bridge cause it leads to a dead end. However I did take a few pictures of lower Sydenham Falls from on the bridge

I took the trail to my left ( on the right if coming from off the bridge), and started my ascent. The trail is clearly marked and well maintained. When I got to the top of that first ascent I could see Middle Sydenham Falls to my right. There is a steep descent if one wants a closer view. I decided not to attempt that day. The trail continued to my left, I was a bit confused cause I was sure Upper Sydenham Falls would be to my right. However, I stayed on the marked trail. I later learned that Sydenham Falls is on private property.

Along the path old wooden planks could be seen, indicative of what was once an old railway line. I continued in awe at the beautiful colours spread out before me, the sweet songs of the birds, the sound of the mighty rushing winds through the trees, and red, yellow, orange and green leaves flying everywhere. I felt like a bride walking down a beautifully decorated aisle.

I finally came to an intersection. One can follow the red arrows to the path on my left, but I don't know where it leads to so I decided to stick with the blue blazed trail. I continued the steep climb up the escarpment. I could not see the top of the path but I continued on. I came across some old ruins to my left. Not sure what they were but interesting find all the same.

My legs were burning by the time I got to the top, my heart was thumping and I was sweating; yet there was more. The view though was worth it. Looking down through the trees and it's resplendent colours, absolutely spectacular.  In the distance I can see the rooftops of the new development  called Cascades, built on what once was an old Catholic Cemetery.

The trail continued to my left and another hard climb up the escarpment. The view got better and better and I could feel my sinuses clear right up. With every deep breath I could feel the fresh invigorating air go straight through my lungs like VapoRub. I came to another intersection called the Glen Ferguson Loop. Going left would take me immediately to Dundas Peak and going right would take me to Tews Falls. I ventured right of course until I came to the end of the trail. I chose to continue right where I met lots of other trail/nature lovers. A little further up and to my left I saw it in the distance. I stopped and there I had my euphoric moment. It was so beautiful I felt my eyes moisten. Tews Falls was magnificent. At 41 metres high and 9 metres wide this ribbon-style falls is the tallest waterfall in Hamilton, located in the Spencer's Gorge/Webster’s Falls Conservation Area.

I continued to the lookout for a closer view and some selfies before going back towards Dundas Peak. Another quick stop for pictures and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Then I headed back down the escarpment to my car. This walk took 3 hours but was 3 hours well spent.

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