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Lynn River Falls Port Dover

If you are a nature lover you will love the peace and tranquility of Lynn River Falls and its surroundings. The locals call it Ivey's Dam. I don't know why it is called Ivey's Dam but I do know that the dam was built in 1856 by Andrew Thompson, to support the Woolen Mill; which was built by Robert Nichol. This waterfall has an approximate six foot drop, and although small, the sound is powerful. Lynn River Falls is one of Port Dover's hidden gems. It is close to the road and even sitting in your car you can still hear the powerful rushing waters. It is so beautiful! One can sit near the crest of the Falls and have a picnic. The area is peaceful, quiet and serene.

Just across the road the Clonmel Castle can be seen. North of the Falls is the McQueen Loyalist Cemetery where a plaque to Robert Nichol is erected.

Port Dover is a small town located in Norfolk County. History has it that the Port got its name from Dover, England, and was built by Daniel McQueen. It was actually called the village of Dover Mills but was burnt down in 1814 by the Americans, and was rebuilt over time. It is well know for its fishing industry and tourism. This town is right on the shores of Lake Erie and has something for everyone.

Every Friday 13th, bikers meet in this small town for celebrations and festivities. There are many shoppes, restaurants, a museum, and the Lighthouse Theatre for your pleasure. During the summer months the beach is full of sunbathers seeking refuge from the heat. If you are looking for a quaint little fishing village that is full of surprises, visit Port Dover.

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