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McCormack Trail Part 2

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

McCormack Trail Part 2

The walk on McCormack trail a few days ago was so refreshing that I decided to do it again. This time instead of taking the trail where I parked the last time, I decided to cross over Governors road, walk about 100m back up the road, and take the Bruce Trail entrance from there. The white marked blazes on the road will give you some direction. I started uphill and followed the white blazes with keen anticipation not knowing what to expect. I walked over a small wooden bridge and the soft sound of the flowing stream was soothing to my ear.

I continued uphill until I came to an intersection. McCormack continued ahead and to my right, and Sawmill Trail to my left. Curiosity got the better of me and I ventured left onto Sawmill. What can I say, from the very start I felt like I was in ‘Pine’ Cathedral as there were Eastern White Pine trees on both sides of the trail creating a canopy overhead. What peace I experienced here for not even the birds dared to interrupt this sanctuary. I was blown away, amazed at this tranquility here. I stopped and pondered, how is it that people say God is not real?

I took my time walking through this place for I wanted to soak it all in. A calm took over and I remembered the song “Peace peace wonderful peace, coming down from the Father above”.

I exited this cathedral not built by human hands, excited to discover what else was in store for me. I came to a hill and started the ascent. When I got to the top, I was struck by the beauty of the golden sunlight casting this soft glow on the rolling hills and valleys, the green lush vegetation spread before me, and the myriad colours of Oak and Maple leaves. This song came to mind, “This is my Father’s World. And to my listening ear. All nature sings and round me rings. The music of the sphere”.

I just stood there and prayed, thanking God for life, for health, for eyes to behold the beauty of His creative works, for lips that I can praise, and for the peace that passes all human understanding.

I thanked Him for being my Goel: my Provider, Redeemer, and Protector.

I continued on Sawmill Trail until I came down into the Dundas Valley Conservation Parking area near the Trail Center, kept to my left of the big sign board, and came to Spring Creek Trail. On this trail lots of Turkey Tail mushrooms, Orange Jelly Fungus/Witches Butter, Red and White Oak trees, and Red and Sugar Maple Trees could be seen. I noticed there was not a lot of traffic on the trail this morning, which added to my enjoyment of solitude.

I finally came to John White Trail. I had never heard of this trail in the Dundas Valley so it piqued my interest. Along this trail I was able to photograph some beautiful mushrooms called Amanita Muscaria. Most species of these mushrooms are poisonous and some are deadly. Beautiful but deadly. Reminds me of some things that are not good for us but they sure look good. I continued my peaceful walk until I got to the Dundas Valley Conservation Giant Rib Discovery Centre. From there I walked along Governors road to my car.

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