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Niagara Glen

What an awesome experience! I’ve been on self – guided walks and hikes from Ancaster to Grimsby, and from Burlington to Milton.  I’ve walked through  lush green vegetation and past the majestic trees in the Carolinian forest of the Dundas Valley. I’ve stopped at the Old ‘haunted’ Hermitage and wondered what really happened there. Is it really haunted? I’ve walked past  beautiful waterfalls such as Sherman Falls, Tiffany Falls and Old Mills Falls; the majestic Albion Falls, Tews Falls, Webster’s Falls, Borer’s Falls, Scenic Falls and the Great Falls to name a few.

I’ve seen exotic plants, strange looking insects, small animals and reptiles. But never have I seen anything like this. It’s as if someone took me up and placed me dead smack in the middle of Jurassic world. It felt like i found a whole new world, or like I’ve traveled back in time and landed in some prehistoric universe or the land that time forgot.

These were my sentiments when I hiked through the Niagara Glen this summer.

The Niagara Glen is a nature reserve that overlooks the Niagara River Whirlpool deep into the Niagara Gorge. I started walking down the steel staircase and into this pristine part of the Carolinian forest. I found myself walking through narrow openings where large boulders had collided.

I must admit that as adventurous as I am, I felt intimidated and sometimes scared as I walked through this steep and very rugged terrain with its massive towering boulders. I felt at times that some prehistoric creature would lunge out at me from behind these huge boulders. I was amazed though that right in our backyard we have such a wonderful sanctuary. We are blessed indeed.

Anyone wishing to take this hike, please be mindful that there is a change  of over 60m (200ft) in elevation. The trails are steep and rugged at times so sturdy footwear is advisable. Lots of geology and biology to see.

This untamed beauty of nature is yours to explore. All I ask is that you take your time over rocks and boulders. Its a great trail for hiking and for learning about a system that was carved out during the ice age thousands of years ago. Discover some features like the Mammoth pothole and the Devil’s arch.

I was privileged to see many native plants and trees such as Maples, Sassafras, Sumac and Tulip. I also saw the Wood Ducks and the magnificent Turkey Vulture. Truly an awesome experience. I encourage anyone to take this hike, you will not be disappointed. I only ask that you take your time, see the beauty of creation. Take lots of pictures and leave only footprints.

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